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Posted by Muhammad_Qazi on June 4, 2021

There are certain steps to building your property according to the law in Ontario

Published by Hillfield Properties on 17th May, 2021

In Ontario, building a house can be difficult given the different landscapes, provincial rules and regulations and the harsh climates from the cold winters to extremely warm summers. We at Hillfield Properties can help you navigate the legal field when you contact a qualified porerpty law consultant with us.

According to certain municipal rules, when building in certain areas in Ontario, there are heritage and conservation laws to be maintained. You must understand the regulations in the area that you are building as the local Heritage Conservation Authority must ensure that the character of the neighborhood in which you are building is maintained.

There are also environmental regulation bodies which place rules on buildable land in order to protect and preserve or restore natural resources that run with the land. To understand what local or federal laws you need to comply with when building, contact Hillfield Properties before you begin construction so we can inform you of the law.

The most common regulatory bodies in Ontario is the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority and the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority which regulate lots on which construction workers and homeowners intend to build. The review building permits and give permission to build in certain areas.

There are also special municipal applications such as site plan approvals which must be reviewed in certain neighborhoods to ensure that the quality of design of the home is kept to a certain standard. Planning, landscaping and building is all overseen by the Committee of Adjustment for certain areas throughout the province.

This Committee of Adjustment is especially particular for newly constructed properties in the downtown Ontario area and building permits are carefully scrutinized. This usually adds up to 2-3 months of an extra wait time for new homeowners and builders. For information on the building process and permits involved, contact a qualified property specialist for help.

Finally, zoning by-laws must be maintained and this can add to building setbacks and should be considered in your estimated cost coverage. The Building Code Act of Ontario is the local code which outlines the minimum standard expected from construction and design for buildings in Ontario.

Ontario also has a Planning Act which controls the residential design of most homes depending on the zone in which they are being built. This works in conjunction with the applicable by-laws of the area. To consult with a property law professional, contact Hillfiled Properties today.

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