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Posted by Muhammad_Qazi on June 4, 2021

The Ontario Human Rights Commission has set out policies and procedures with regard to accommodation requests

Published by Hillfield Properties on 12th May, 2021

Citizens and residents of Ontario must abide by the Human Rights Code when making claims or requests. The Ontario Human Rights Commission has set out to enforce the Code throughout Ontario.

According to the Commission, some persons are unable to disclose or communicate clearly what their accommodation needs are. Persons with mental disabilities or those with impairments or impediments may be ashamed for fear of a stigma, to ask for certain accommodation needs to be fulfilled.

Paragon Properties can help tenants with specific accommodation needs fulfill their accommodation requests. We can help make these requests in writing and formally, noting all the provisions required for the tenant. We can also help landlords fulfill the accommodation requests of tenants according to the Code.

Whenever possible, accommodation requests should be made in writing to a manager and include the grounds of the request, the reason it is being done and the specific need of the person making the request with the Code it is related to.

According to the Commission, persons should never be penalized for making an accommodation request and all requests are taken seriously. Organizations are also prompted to offer assistance and accommodation to persons who are clearly unwell or in need.

For more assistance on organization that can help with accommodation requests or how to make one yourself, you should consult with a qualified legal professional or consultant.

Where no accommodation request is made, the Ontario Human Rights Commission asks that organization provide such to disable persons once a clear disability is perceived as many times persons may be afraid to disclose their needs.

Employees can make these accommodation requests known to their manager who will then be bound to see the request through. They may do this in writing and with the assistance of a legal professional with years of experience.

The policies and procedures of the Commission require that accommodation be provided to existing employees, tenants and clients. This accommodation should also be provided to persons applying for housing and employment services such as job seekers.

Employers and landlords are also mandated to develop a procedure to inform applicants of their rights to accommodation according to the grounds of the Code and assure them that any accommodation requests will not negatively affect their evaluation process.

Paragon Properties assist landlords and tenants throughout Ontario with accommodation requests. We also help you know your rights and liabilities throughout the province. If you need help, contact us today for assistance or more information.

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